The Cursed Cards: Act II The Imprisond Baron

New to this world
Returning to the Present

After everyone met with the Counsel of Past Kings the party used the Temporal Crystal to travel into the present.Being told not to worry by the counsel that the journey would be smooth something happened and the crystal began to distort and play with all your senses sending everyone travelling all into brief comas.
Most of the party awoke in Malereth’s lab in Hawken forest where you are told by a wounded and weak Velexx that you were all just killed in a fight with Malereth and the Iron Circle.
Finding the way out of the complex the party finds that the ground around the area was used to camp dozens of people. And their trail leads east into the forest. The party decides to go the way they came trough the magical tree back to a familiar elven outpost. One by one they go trough but find themselves all in different locations in the forest. Just as Johan the final one steps trough something terrible Happens he is almost scrambled when reappearing and he destroys the destination along with the broken tree maiming and killing dozens of Iron Circle soldiers indirectly.
The party exhausted and malnutritioned heads to the closest town Marl where they can find warm beds and fresh food as well as some baths for all the blood and sweat.


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